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Mr. N.R Chavan – An achiever, philanthropist, a rebel, is a visionary who realized his dream of dedicating a temple in the name of his deceased parents in the year 2011.  He is the founder member of the trust that erected this 45 ft high temple which enshrines Lord Vitthal and Rukmini at Wakad.  


    Mr. N. R. Chavan hailed from a poor family background, where he experienced several hardships at a very young age. His parents harbored the desire to visit the Vithoba temple in Pandharpur to seek blessings of Lord Vitthal. Due to their financial condition, their desire remained unfulfilled and they passed away.  Though they left for heavenly abode, their wish always remained with their son.  

    He struggled hard in life to make ends meet.  He worked hard to fulfill his obligations.  He completed his primary education till Matriculation and worked on a part time basis to support his education. To earn additional income, he undertook several odd jobs in hotels and also sold lottery tickets.

    In 1972, he started working in Jalgoan for a meagre sum of Rs. 5/- per day.  Came to Lonavala in 1983 and after a period of two years started his construction business in the year 1985 with a mere 500 rupees. Growing from strength to strength he has been instrumental in expanding his business and earning a name for himself in the field of construction. He lives in Lonavala with his extended family comprising his wife and 3 sons.  His elder sons (Ujwal Chavan & Suhas Chavan) support him in the construction business, while the youngest son post pursuing his B.E & M.S in USA is working with an international IT firm.

Mr. N.R.Chavan fulfilled his parents dream by constructing a Vithoba temple in Wakad.  He also plans to build a school for the underprivileged children.

Dedicated to Mr. Rambhau Chavan

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Mr. Rambhau Chavan